Skill, Ethics, And Quality

It's what people are really looking for, and we demonstrate those and other values in all the work we perform.  E-Centric Contractor Services, LLC is a full service residential remodeling and general repair company. Our goal is to provide the best service and quality while continuing our commitment as stewards to the environment.

What Is A Green Repair Or Remodel?

By definition, Green Remodeling is the design and construction of projects that reduce the environmental impacts of the work.   
     In a more practical sense, Green Repair and Remodeling is a healthy application of "common sense."  All aspects of the work are considered when looking at a project.  A whole-house, systems approach to the project can reduce energy and water consumption, ensure proper material use and minimal waste generation, and contain potentially harmful emissions, both indoors and out.

     The same principles apply to Green Repair - the "Quick Fix" problems don't have to grow into the nightmare projects they so often do.  Taking the time to understand the problem thoroughly can make the difference between a repeat problem and a real repair.  And with that understanding, we can make better use of materials and ultimately save time and reduce waste.