Beaverton, OR - Oversized and under-utilized kitchen remodel

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This started out as the classic late-70's kitchen - dark oak cabinets, oak parquet flooring, fluorescent lighting via a cumbersome soffit,  etc.  The original layout, the typical U-shape work area, truly limited both the visibility and function of the room.  With the upper cabinets being mounted to the soffit,  there was virtually no lighting to other areas of the room. 
The client wanted to upgrade, but the challenge was not to limit the re-sale potential:  not ultra-modern, but enough to bring the value up to where the rest of the neighborhood was currently. 
The room included a small wet-bar, a full-size functional fireplace, as well as the dining area.  The over-all space:  34 feet by 14 feet!  The potential was incredible and the options endless!  With thoughtful design, modern appliances, and solid planning, the finished product was well received.

Aurora, OR - Bay window replacement in 1886 home

Bay Window
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This was a great opportunity to work on a vintage home.  The existing bay window did not appear to be original to the home, however, it definitely had been there for a while.  The windows were showing signs of moisture inside the double panes, as well as weathering on all the exterior seals.  As we got into the project, we found that this window "system" was just that - a complete unit that was pre-built outside of the house and installed as a single piece.  This presented us with a bit of a challenge when determining how to go about removing the old windows.  We did our best to retain as much original material as possible(conservation) without compromising our ability to create a long-lasting, weather-tight replacement.

From Pew to "Oooo"

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As the old saying goes, "One man's trash, is another man's treasure."  This project was a great example of that adage.  We had an opportunity to receive several church pews that were destined for the dump.  With a little work and some creativity, we were able to put the pews to good use in various "new" forms.  Every aspect of the original pews have been re-used or customized to fit the needs of the project.